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Advance Equipment

We have selected the A-dec 500 dental chair, an American award winning brand with a history that goes back to 1964. When it comes to optimizing patient comfort, the A-dec 500 chair makes no compromises. The plush upholstery and anatomically formed backrest and seat cushion cradle patients, reducing pressure points and providing exceptional support. A slim-profile headrest and ultra-thin backrest provide more leg room, so operators can work in a more comfortable position. The result is a chair that offers streamlined access for the dental team and, at the same time, comfortable seating for patients, creating an optimum environment for the dental team to deliver its best to the patient.

At our clinic, we regard sterility standards at the highest level. We meet or exceed all guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) as well as the Amercan Dental Association. We employ hospital cleanliness standards and sterilization techniques. We use the top range Melag autoclave unit which satisfies the requirements of the European standard to process instruments effectively. The new pre-vacuumed technology ensures that the instruments are completely sterilised reliably and consistently. All our instruments are protectively vacuumed packaged until required. IOSC has control checks in place to provide a clean, disinfected environment for each patient. Policies are in place to ensure that all rooms and equipment are properly set up and sterilized daily and after each use. We use protective equipment such as latex gloves, masks, eyewear, and lab coats. And when possible, we use disposable items.

Our operatories are equipped with an intraoral camera technology that helps enhance your understanding of your dentist’s diagnosis and recommended course of treatment. Instantaneous high-resolution images are sharp and clear with natural color quality. The images are displayed immediately and aids in patient communication when discussing treatment plans. The unit also allows documentation of treatment results through comparison of pre-op/post-op images. Details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations are captured permanently. The patient images are then saved in the office computer to provide a record of treatments, printed as communications to the patient, other specialists, your lab or insurance companies.

We understand patients’ anxiety when it comes to needles and the syringe. VibraJect, patented by oral surgeon Dr Norman Pokras blocks pain from injections based on the Gate Control Theory. The battery operated motor attaches to a conventional syringe causing the needle to vibrate. The high vibration of the needle stimulates the nerve endings and blocks the transmission of pain sensation to the brain. The brain perceives the stimulus as a series of vibrations instead of pain.
It is very effective in reducing the discomfort of painful palatal, mandibular block, infiltration and intraligamental injections and can offer a great deal of emotional relief to the needle-phobic and the unusually pain sensitive.

Apex locators were invented by a Japanese dentist, Dr. Sunada, in 1962 and are today an indispensible piece of equipment in root canal therapy. They are used in root canal treatment to determine the position of the apical foramen and thus determine the length of the root canal space. They save time in determining initial working length, save on the number of X rays taken, and are more accurate than x rays when used to determine length of the root system of the tooth. This translates to higher accuracy and better quality of work delivered to our patient.

Our clinic utilizes the Zoom 2 ! teeth whitening machine, as featured in ABCs extreme make over series. The Zoom 2 ! machine is 33 % faster – achieving an average of 8 shades improvement in just 45 min. Zoom 2 patients also experience 67% less sensitivity than those treated with the original zoom ! system.

We work with master ceramists, using ceramic technology from Nobel Procera (Sweden) or IPS Empress System (Switzerland).

Nobel Procera (Sweden)

The Nobel Biocare NobelProcera™ system was developed for manufacturing of individualized dental restorations. Utilizing the latest scanning, CAD/CAM and manufacturing technologies, high accuracy, perfect precision fit is ensured. By combining the NobelProcera™ manufacturing technology with the use of alumina and zirconia ceramics, Nobel Biocare provides individualized, highly esthetic dental solutions backed up by over 20 years’ experience, and an unrivalled 15 years of clinical studies.

IPS Empress (switzerland)

IPS e.max is a modern and innovative system which covers the entire spectrum of all-ceramic indications ranging from thin veneers to 10-unit bridges. IPS e.max offers impeccable esthetic restorations, which are also characterized by high mechanical strength. Lithium disilicate (LS2), which demonstrates superb esthetic properties, is used to restore single teeth in the anterior and posterior region. The zirconium oxide ceramic IPS e.max, however, is the material of choice for large restorations, for example, posterior bridges, which are exposed to high masticatory forces. With more than 33 million restorations fabricated with the leucite glass-ceramic throughout the world, the system has gained a reputation for producing long-lasting, natural-looking results and maintaining high quality standards.

Our clinic is equipped to carry out procedures under IV sedation. Monitoring equipment such as pulse oximetry, BP cuffs, oxygen supply and airway are a prerequisite for carrying out IV sedation.