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Oral Pathology

Oral pathology deals with the identification and management of diseases affecting the oral and surrounding regions.

Wisdom teeth generally causes problems when they erupt partially through the gum. The most common reasons for removing them are:

Vesiculo-bullous diseases

This group of diseases presents as vesicles in the oral region. They may be caused by viruses eg herpes or a result of immunological defects such as pemphigoid.

Ulcerative Conditions

Most ulcers are a result of trauma and will resolve spontaneously. Others occur as a result of immunological dysfunction eg apthous ulcers. Persistent ulcers may be of a sinister nature especially if located at the lateral border of the tongue.

Cysts and Tumours

A cyst is defined as a fluid filled cavity lined with cells. Most cysts and tumours in the jaws develop from dormant cells that form the tooth substance and their surrounding tissues. They may be locally aggressive and are capable of destroying large areas of bone. The more common cysts include dentigerous cysts, odontogenic keratocysts and radicular cysts. The most common tumour is the ameloblastoma. Treatment involved marsupialisation of the ameoloblastoma. The lesion shrank to the size of a small grape. This lesion was then excised, thus reducing the morbidity associated with resection.

Mucosal lesions

Mucosal conditions may be a result of immunological defects such as lichen planus. It may also occur as a result of infection eg candidiasis. Candidiasis or fungal infection before treatment. Other conditions may represent a pre-cancerous state as in the case of leukoplakia. A biopsy is often required in order to ascertain the diagnosis before treatment can be prescribed. Candidiasis or fungal infection after treatment.

Salivary Gland Disease

The most common salivary gland disease is that a salivary stone which can cause much pain and discomfort during eating. Removal of the stone will result in alleviation of the symptoms. (On the right) Stone at the opening of a salivary duct causing pain on eating. Other diseases of the salivary glands include tumours and infections.

The scope of oral pathology is myriad and difficult to list. Should you believe that you are suffering from any of these conditions, please make an appointment for our surgeon to assess your condition.